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Top 8 Free Apps You Must Have

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Evernote is one of the Top 10 apps of 2012, an app that probably most of you already have. Using Evernote will surely make your life better, more organized and it will improve productivity. It enables you to take notes, capture photos, and create to-do lists and record reminders. But not only this, the synchronization with all of your mobile devices is amazing. A must have!

2. Zedge

Zedge is probably the best free application for personalizing any of your mobile devices. It offers free wallpapers, ringtones, themes and not only that, Zedge is updated very frequently and it’s very simple to use. Also on Zedge you can find games and free live wallpapers. Download it and have fun! Also we must mention GO Launcher EX, which is another great personalization app that you must try.

The Humble App is creative and innovative platform that aims to simplify the lives of both, beauty consumers and beauty service providers. This beauty app is an amazing mesh of features that everyone can benefit from. As a customer, one can find the exact service they require from manicures, to hair and make-up styling and everything and anything in-between. Within just a few seconds, customers can find out about the prices, ratings, reviews or portfolios of their chosen beauty artist or salon. They can book appointments or hire a freelance beauty professional with a simple swipe on the screen of their smartphone.

Storybeat is a great app that gives you the ability to add music and sound effects to your social stories, videos or photographs. With the Storybeat add music to stories app you can spice up your Instagram posts with cool music and sound effects within seconds. If you found adding music to your Instagram Stories and photos to be hard or complicated, Storybeat can help you with is simple and easy to use options. .

Till this day I’m amazed how great this app is. Not only that it categorizes the foods you want to cook, and not only that it tells you which products to use, but it gives you detailed guide to cook the recipe. Also it offers a cart, in which you can choose which products you miss to make the meal and make a list. On top of that “Recipes” gives you detailed Nutrition Facts for the meal you’re going to it, which is pretty awesome!

6. Any.DO

Created back in 2010, Any.DO is an amazing app that belongs to the category productivity, and it will certainly make you more productive. It’s mainly a task application which will enable you to easily note and organize your tasks. It has some great features like: speech recognition, snooze certain task to do it later, repeating of task, and the feature that we also liked very much – Missed Call. If you miss a call, Any.DO gives you various options in order to return the call, send a message, etc. It is very neatly organized, simple and is very user friendly.

We already did a review of this productivity app. Android Booster does several useful things for you. It will optimize your RAM memory, save battery life, organize and manage your apps and organize and manage your Memory Card.

8. monUnique 

monUnique is developed for both Android and iOS users as one easy to use, efficient and interesting photo design app that allows users to create different designs from a specific photo using the patented process offered. This unique design and vector art creation process makes it one of the best digital art creators and that is why it is a must try at least once!

If we missed some app please comment.