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Top 11 Free Apps You Must Have in 2018

Thursday, August 2, 2018

1. IQ Jackpot

The first app you need to have right now is the app that educates you and helps you earn cash. IQ Jackpot is a trivia game that is especially created as live trivia show where the players need to purchase a ticket for only $0.99 to join the live show, answer the trivia questions correctly and get the chance to win the ultimate cash prize. There are 24 shows daily prized at $100 each. 
Official Website: IQ Jackpot

App Store Download Link: IQ Jackpot

2. Wishspoke

Wishpoke is a social networking app that is developed for both Android and IOS users as one easy to use and incredibly practical Wishlist app that allows the users to be introduced to one amazing and unique way of gifting, through inspiring and sharing. With the app’s help, the user can discover gifts for their loved ones, for every special date and occasion or even create his own Wishlist to share it with his friends and family. Inspiring others or getting inspired is easily done with this app because the user can share wishes on his own or make wishes of friends and family come true.

Official Website: Wishpoke

App Store Download Link: Wishpoke

Google Play Download Link: Wishpoke

3. Today's Hit Ringtones Pro
This is one incredible and unique ringtone downloader app which is developed on android platform, easy to use highly helpful, offering users to find unlimited number of free music ringtones that can be used for their smartphones for calls, text messages and notifications. With the help of the app as professional and improved version of the previous Today’s Hit Ringtones app , the user have the chance to find the perfect ringtone with quality search and access features available, depending on their taste and set it for someone special that calls them or texts them. 

Google Play Download Link: Today's Hit Ringtones Pro

4. HostEvent
HostEvent allows users to promote and organize an event app with ease by conjoining advanced technology with a great relationship building and analysis platform. We say it is extremely easy to use (HostEvent websites say you can create a complete event in under 30 minutes) because users can create events in 3 simple steps.

Website: HostEvent

App Store Download Link: HostEvent

Google Play Download Link: HostEvent

5. Pret A Pak

When we do the all in one shopping we want our products to be of good quality and we want to do it without coming onto some scam. That’s why we offer you Pret a Pak, an amazing online shopping app, giving you the best shopping experience. Doesn’t matter if you wish to buy something that has a designer’s name on it, from accessories to groceries or home d├ęcor appliances; you can now find it all without a hustle. Flexible and easy – all you need to do is sign up after you download the app and enjoy your online shopping experience!

Google Play Download Link: Pret a Pak

App Store Play Download Link: Pret a Pak

The Humble App is creative and innovative platform that aims to simplify the lives of both, beauty consumers and beauty service providers. This beauty app is an amazing mesh of features that everyone can benefit from. As a customer, one can find the exact service they require from manicures, to hair and make-up styling and everything and anything in-between. Within just a few seconds, customers can find out about the prices, ratings, reviews or portfolios of their chosen beauty artist or salon. They can book appointments or hire a freelance beauty professional with a simple swipe on the screen of their smartphone.

Storybeat is a great app that gives you the ability to add music and sound effects to your social stories, videos or photographs. With the Storybeat add music to stories app you can spice up your Instagram posts with cool music and sound effects within seconds. If you found adding music to your Instagram Stories and photos to be hard or complicated, Storybeat can help you with is simple and easy to use options. .

Till this day I’m amazed how great this app is. Not only that it categorizes the foods you want to cook, and not only that it tells you which products to use, but it gives you detailed guide to cook the recipe. Also it offers a cart, in which you can choose which products you miss to make the meal and make a list. On top of that “Recipes” gives you detailed Nutrition Facts for the meal you’re going to it, which is pretty awesome!

AdLottery is one interesting and fun lottery app which is easy to use and simply offering all its users all the benefits of lottery without the risk of losing their own money. With this app developed for IOS users, all users have the chance to win the daily jackpot just by watching simple short ads each day. If the user wins the jackpot he can instantly cash-out his winnings. The app is completely safe and it offers all users the chance to win big without entering their own money. Users by using the app will never again feel the need to buy another lottery ticket.

With My Team Values – Team building, you simply require one individual to outline the game, and the rest is dealt with! That is precisely where portable applications fit into the team-building plan of things. This app is at the forefront of team-building methods.
They are an up and coming innovation that a great many people know about. Utilizing a versatile application for your team-building occasion additionally implies that it is less demanding to set up. In the event that you utilize the privilege application, you may not multiple people administering the event.

Google Play Download Link: My Team Values – Team buildingWebsite: http://collaboration.co.uk/triage-for-teams/

11. monUnique 

monUnique is developed for both Android and iOS users as one easy to use, efficient and interesting photo design app that allows users to create different designs from a specific photo using the patented process offered. This unique design and vector art creation process makes it one of the best digital art creators and that is why it is a must try at least once!

If we missed some app please comment.

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