Be Iron Man for a moment on your Android device

Friday, May 17, 2013

Games made ​​by movies are not quite that good, but Iron Man 3 stands out from the rest. In this game you are in the role of Tony Stark, the main character of the movie series Iron Man. In the game you need to shoot all the flying objects, using lasers embedded in the Iron Man suit. The game reminds a bit of Lylat Wars on Nintendo 64. The quick response plays a major role in this game, because it requires quick actions to eliminate your opponents.

Your Iron Man can be upgraded throughout the game, and there are 18 different costumes that he you can use. Also, the application can generate unlimited number of levels and opponents, so you can shoot everything in front of you whenever you want. Interesting game to fulfill your free time. Because it's a 798MB download check the trailer below to make sure if it is worth downloading. 

Google Play Download Link: IRON MAN 3

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