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Best quiz games for Android

Saturday, May 4, 2013

We decided to make a list of the best quiz games on Android. Take a close look in their features and pick the best Android quiz that it will entertain you and your friends.


Quisr supports multiplayer, so you will be able to play with your friends and family. It is also available in few other languages, but you will have to purchase the pro version of the app for this feature. The game is interesting, UI is great and the questions are challenging and you will definitely learn while playing. I didn’t run into same questions and Quisr sure covers vide variety of topics. Questions are reasonably hard and the games runs smoothly. But I didn’t like the fact that after you finish the game it forces you to look at ads for 20 seconds.

Google Play Download Link: QUISR

Quizoid the Trivia Quiz

Quizoid is another quality Trivia Quiz. I liked the simple and clean user interface. Everything is tastefully arranged and the app runs smoothly. Maybe the ads are annoying a little, but you have to understand that is a free app. Questions at the start are very easy and maybe little stupid, but as the game progresses they get more interesting and harder. You have 3 jokers: 50:50, 2 shots or choose a question from your favorite category. Interesting game to fulfill your free time.

Google Play Download Link: QUIZOID

Who Becomes Rich

The user interface of Who Becomes Rich is close to perfection. Even though there are ads, they are located in a place that will not bug you. The questions of this game are interesting and they get harder as you start to guess more. The topics of the questions are very wide, so you can easily get questions from Geography and then this can be followed by a question from Computer Science. Also you can add your own questions, and after they are reviewed by the developers they will be added to the database. So next time you are playing you’ll maybe answering your own question.

Google Play Download Link: WHO BECOMES RICH

Song Pop and Guess the Song

Guess the song and Song Pop are very similar games in which the main task is to guess the song that is playing. Every music fan should try his music knowledge and have fun with these two apps. The difference between these two apps is that Guess the song has multiplayer mode, so you and your friend can play it on one phone face to face, and Song Pop doesn’t have multiplayer mode, but the game is constant online battle with other people, or you can also play against your friends. So, you decide which app fits you better.

Google Play Download Link: SONG POP FREE
Google Play Download Link: GUESS THE SONG

Logo Quiz Games

Logo Quiz is the most downloaded and best rated quiz game on Android. With over 1000 logos, this game will test your knowledge of the worldwide known brands. It is widely popular game and it has over 400k user reviews. This is all justified, because the game is interesting and fun. This game is popular that there are various websites created which claim they show all possible answers. Anyway, the creators of this game, also created few other niche logo quizzes. Here are some of the best from this quality and trusted developer: Logo Quiz Cars (for the car lovers), Logo Quiz Football Clubs, Logo Quiz Music Bands and Pop Icon Quiz. Interesting and entertaining games for fulfilling your free time.

Google Play Download Link: LOGO QUIZ

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