NQ Mobile Easy Finder will find your stolen phone

Sunday, May 19, 2013

There are several applications that would allow you monitoring of your smartphone, but one of the latest is the NQ Mobile Easy Finder which is still in beta. Anyway, the app works perfectly fine and it will find your lost Android smartphone.

With the NQ Mobile Easy Finder you can easily locate your phone, download all the data from it, and even take a picture from the camera and send it to your email. To be able to use the application you just have to register and follow the instructions displayed on the screen. You will need to activate the possibility to protect your Android smartphone with a PIN, password or pattern lock, so when someone tried to unlock your phone, you will receive a notification.

The application also allows you to command it through your browser on your computer by logging on http://find.nq.com. Through this web panel, you can activate the alarm on your phone, to lock it, to make backup of your data, etc. The owner of the phone can set the number of wrong passwords after he’ll get information about his phone, to locate the phone and take a picture using the front camera.

Google Play Download Link: NQ MOBILE EASY FINDER

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