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Protect your Android smartphone from theft

Sunday, June 16, 2013

McAffee Security Innovations is relatively new Android application that will help you to protect your Android smartphone from theft and losing of your private data.

The application offers few features, and one of them is Smart Perimeter which will enable you connecting of two devices through Wi-Fi and it will inform the user if some of the connected devices is moved 30 feet, or more, away. This is meant for the people who have more than one Android devices, and if some of your devices moves 30 feet away from its spot then an alarm starts to ring on both devices. Additionally, the screen locks itself and it can be unlocked only with a special PIN code.

One more feature of the McAfee Security Innovations is the Data Vault which enables a special security back-up of your data, and it also has scanner of QR codes which shows if the link that hides behind the code is safe or not. McAffee Security Innovations is free and you may check its features in the video below.



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