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Teamviewer vs Splashtop 2 – the best free remote control apps on Google Play

Sunday, June 9, 2013

There are a few similar remote apps on Google Play, but these 2 remote control apps for Android are probably the best. So, we are going to present their features and how to install them, and you decide which you are going to use.


Screenshot of my desktop from Teamviewer for Android

TeamViewer is practically the best software for remote computer access and control. This software also enables desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing and file sharing. It was established back in 2005 in Germany, so it already has history and authority in the computer world.

The Android app of TeamViewer is equally good and quality as the computer software. It has around 10 million downloads and great average rating of 4.7.

Setting up TeamViewer is easy. You need to install the PC version, which probably most of you have done it (if not go to http://www.teamviewer.com) . Then you need to install the Android app. After you open the app you’ll need to enter the ID and the Password from your computer’s Team Viewer, and that’s it. You can now easily and flawlessly control your computer via your Android device.

I’ve been using TeamViewer for Android for several months and I’ve never had any problems. It is a reliable app that gave me the opportunity to give great help to some of my friends, while I wasn't home. 

Google Play Download Link: TEAMVIEWER 

Splashtop 2

Screenshot of my desktop taken from Splashtop2

Splashtop2 is another great desktop remote app that was praised by many media, including New York Times and Cnet.  That is all deserved because the app is great.  It is very similar to TeamViewer so lets  see how to install it and what it can do for you.

First you need to download the computer software that you can find here - http://www.splashtop.com/splashtop2. Then you’ll need to register, which bugged me a little. But, I’ve done the registration very fast. It is an email and password registration with no confirmation emails or other annoying moments. After that you’ll need to login, and then install the Android app. You’ll need to login there as well and after that you can access your computer.

My experience with Splashtop2 was good. Splashtop2 is more responsive to touches, you can easily move through your desktop with your fingers. But controlling the Windows narrow is harder and I had problems with closing and opening applications. Basically I had to zoom a lot of times in order to choose or close some files. However, I was using Windows 7, but on Windows 8 I think that Splashtop2 would be much more useful.

Google Play Download Link: SPLASHTOP 2

Choosing any of these apps isn’t a mistake. I would recommend however to use Team Viewer on any Windows other than Windows 8, and to use SplashTop2 only with Windows 8, because it is very responsive and supports Windows 8 gesture support.

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