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Best educational apps

Friday, July 12, 2013

Today we decided to present you the top educational apps for Android. Learn and inform yourselves on your Android devices.


MyCQs was featured as App of the Day and it is part of our Best student apps list. It is one of those useful and unique apps that are rare and that amazed us. MyCQs will let you create test on different subjects like Science, Medicine, History, Law, Maths, Engineering and Languages. Through that you will repeat and thus learn faster. It is a great, unique learning method for students and on top of that it is free. The tests are easy and fast to create and you can share them with your friends. You can also sync your account with their website and the iPhone app.

Google Play Download Link: MyCQs


Want to learn a foreign language on your Android device? No problem, we present you Duolingo, the official app from the popular and widely recognized site duolingo.com. Duolingo is by far the best free learning language app on Android. You can use it on your smartphone or tablet and it is synced with the website, so you can use it on your computer as well.

Google Play Download Link: DUOLINGO


Do you have lack of ideas, motivation and want to learn how to make it like the successful people? Than download TED. It includes video and audio speeches and talks from fascinating people from various niches, including: famous musicians, businessmen, tech gurus and educational radicals. You will learn their ways of success in life.

Google Play Download Link: TED

Math Way

Math Way is one of the best math apps on Google Play. It offers countless math solutions to different math operations. So why we did included in the best educational apps? If you by the premium version, it will give you step by step work and explanations for every operation. Thus you can have correct answers and learn how to resolve them yourself.

Google Play Download Link: MATH WAY

Daily Art

Everyday, this app will bring one art masterpiece to your device, with cool story about it. You will get famous and even less known art pieces and thus slowly learn about art. Very educational app, a must have if you are art lover.

Google Play Download Link: DAILY ART

Polynomial Analyser

Polynomial Analyser is a new educational math app that has all the solutions for polynomial expression. Polynomial Analyser is neat, tidy and extremely useful algebra app. It is ideal for anyone who does algebra mathematics. Anyone form high school students, to university students could use this tool for quick reference or for checking their work . 

Google Play Download Link:  Polynomial Analyser

IBM Think

Want to learn about science and technology? Then grab this informative app created by IBM. The app includes the very start of technology and its progress. There is so much quality information and everything is arranged in a simple, interesting and creative way. Outstanding app, very educational and at the same time lets you explore various subjects.

Google Play Download Link: IBM THINK

Speed Anatomy

Speed Anatomy is really interesting and simple for all people that want to learn every part of the human body. Basically there is human body in front of you, and you’ll need to point where certain body part is located. This app is simple and very fun, interesting and educational at the same time. However, if you are a student of medicine, don’t download this app, it will be simple for you.

Google Play Download Link: SPEED ANATOMY

GRE WordPrep Vocab Flashcards

Want to learn new word and enrich your vocabulary? Than GRE WordPrep is the perfect app for you. It will enable you to discover uncharacteristic words for ever letter in the alphabet. If you tap on the word, the app will give you the meaning of the word. You can star every word with one, two or three stars. Later you can go back on the words you’ve put stars on, repeat them and thus learn them faster. Neat, clean, ad free and useful app.



Learn about NASA missions, watch images, videos, past and future missions, latest news and find NASA research centers across the globe. Very informative and educational app that the developers made it visually outstanding and organized.

Google Play Download Link: NASA

Khan Academy Player

This is unofficial app of the website www.khanacademy.org . It includes various educational videos about science, physic, math, chemistry etc. The app is one of the simplest that you’ll find on Google Play. It will offer you to browse videos by categories and the download videos and watch them offline.  

Google Play Download Link: KHAN ACADEMY PLAYER

Java Power Link and Learning Java Offline

This two apps are probably the best for the enthusiast who want to learn about Java and programing. Even the programmers should check out these neat educational apps and remind themselves about the basics of Java.

Google Play Download Link: JAVA POWER LINK
Google Play Download Link: LEARNING JAVA OFFLINE

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