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Best Sudoku Games for Android

Monday, January 1, 2018

For all the fans of logic and brain training games here are the 5 best sudoku for Android games on Google play.

First of all, for all those who are not familiar with this game I would like to introduce you with the basics. Sudoku (Single Number) is a combinatorial, number placing (from 1 to 9), logic game. The goal of the game is to fulfill the 9 x 9 grid, and 3 x 3 subgrids with numbers only from 1 to 9. One number can only feature in one row, one column in one of the nine 3 x 3 subgrids.

Zen Sudoku Game - 9x9 Puzzles

If you are looking for a new challenge, Zen Sudoku Game is one of the best options. With 3 difficulty settings: beginner, intermediate and expert, push your brain to think above the limits. You will get enough puzzling, unlimited puzzles! If you get stuck, don’t worry the game gives you a hint to help you get through. When you make a mistake, this puzzle game helps you correct it with highlighting the wrong numbers. It even offers achievements and leaderboards so the users can compete with friends or people worldwide.

Google Play Download Link: Zen Sudoku Game 9x9 Puzzles

Sudoku Free (Genina)

This game is the best rated and most downloaded Sudoku game and indeed it is pretty interesting, compelling and easy to navigate. It has 4 levels, auto-save, auto-fill and erase, intelligent hints etc. The layout and overall look of the app is intuitive and smart. Great, addictive and fun to play.

Google Play Download Link: SUDOKU FREE

Sudoku Fun

To be honest with you, I personally liked the design, UI and the colors of Sudoku Fun much more. It seems to me like they payed more attention to details than Sudoku Free. The background music is relaxing, the game is smooth, there are no lags, and all the standard features are here. Everything is user friendly, simple and neat and that is why Sudoku Fun is the best rated Sudoku app with 4.7 average rating.

Google Play Download Link: SUDOKU FUN

Sudoku Free (AI Factory)

I liked the interface and the graphics of Sudoku Free by AI Factory very much. Like the previous developers, they did pay a lot of attention on details. The game has over 1500 puzzles and 5 game levels. Some of the features include: statistic tracking, undo and hints. Another easy to navigate, interesting and challenging Sudoku game that you need to check out.

Google Play Download Link: SUDOKU FREE (AI FACTORY)

Sudoku Plus

Sudoku Plus is less popular than the previous games. But, that can't take the quality of this Sudoku game, because it is simple, neat and fun game. The puzzle is big enough, the layout is user friendly and the whole design is minimalistic and clean. It is maybe the simplest of all games on this lists, so if you want basic Sudoku, with wide variety of puzzles, then this is the game for you.

Google Play Download Link: SUDOKU PLUS

Sudoku 10,000 Free

This game is the most customizable Sudoku game on the list and with most puzzles as well. There are all the standard features, 8 game levels, 6 input methods, highlighting of digits etc. I don't know why this game isn't so popular and more downloaded. 

Google Play Download Link: SUDOKU 10,000 FREE

Super Sudoku Challenge

Super Sudoku Challenge is more of a sudoku like game that we offer just in case you are looking for a similar mathemtical logic puzzle game. It requires from the player to sum the highest number by matching numbers tiles with same number. It features global leaderboard that makes the game even more entertaining. 

So that's it, if you have some quality Sudoku game that I've missed just post in the comments.

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