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iOS Game of the Day – DOTOX: Challenge Your Brain

Monday, April 20, 2015

Are you a fan of puzzle games and you search for a new challenging game that you will have hard time turning off? Well DOTOX: Challenge Your Brain is the new puzzle game you need to try out. Released just 3 days ago, this game caught our eyes with its unique story and gameplay, clean and well tailored design and lovely game modes.

This board puzzle game will require from you to think of a winning strategy. Each level has a form of figure that is mapped using single or multi colored dots. On each turn you can remove one, two or three dots in same color in a line. Whoever removes the last dot or dots is a Winner. It sounds easy, but it is definitely not easy. But as expected, there are some interesting bonuses that will keep you motivated. For example if you remove the last dots in same color you will get extra points.

This game is really fun and challenging. So, far it is getting great feedback from iOS users, and that is all deserved because it is highly addictive, challenging and smooth brain & puzzle game that could easily become your new favorite game in this category. Get it on the App Store.

App Store Download Link: DOTOX: Challenge Your Brain


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