Thursday, April 30, 2015

iOS App of the Day – LiveFromMe

Our today’s App of the Day – LiveFromMe will enable you a unique feature for your iOS devices. It is in an app that enables live broadcasting from your location. You can share that broadcasting with basically anyone all with a simple button. With LiveFromMe you can easily login with Facebook or Twitter and share your world as it is happening, and you can do all that with your phone. 

The best thing about LiveFromMe is that it doesn’t limit your broadcast. You can broadcast for unlimited length as long as you have Wi Fi or mobile network connection. Any event you broadcast through the app is then stored in your online video library. If lets say, someone wanted to see your live event and missed it, he can later rebroadcast it from your online video library. Isn’t that great? Get the app for free and start having fun.

iTunes Store Download Link: LiveFromMe