Friday, May 1, 2015

iOS App of the Week - AP Buddy Bundle

Exam season is upon us! New York based teacher Frederick Feraco has published more than 60 apps in the “Buddy App” family to help students around the world prepare for exams. Each app contains practice exams with hundreds of sample questions, practice quizzes, and key vocabulary study flashcards. Mastering these exams puts students on path for college requirements and a successful career. The AP Buddy Bundle has 7 educational apps including Biology, European History, Human Geography, Psychology, US History, World History, Environmental Science.
All these apps can be a great tool for you. They are perfectly tailored to give you only the best results. More specifically this app makes the studying extremely convenient. These apps contain AP exams and Vocabulary FlashCards. Testing them through the last few days we can easily conclude that they are basically flawless, and this app is one of the best educational apps that we have reviewed so far on Intellectuapp. There is a great dedication and expertise in all of the apps. Get the bundle on the iTunes store for $12.99.

iTunes Store Download Link: AP Buddy Bundle