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iOS App of the Day – PaperThin

Sunday, June 28, 2015

The outstanding entertainment app called PaperThin is our iOS App of the Day. It is an app that is perfect for sketching and drawing. PaperThin is a light app, it will take only 1.2MB on your phone, but it can do magic! If you are a casual artist, or you just want to have fun while drawing this is the perfect app for you. It offers wide variety of features.

First of all, you start with a blank canvas. After you create new sketch the toolbar auto-hides and you will go in full screen. There are wide variety of drawing tools. En, pencil, brush, bold marker, eraser you name it, this app will deliver it. On top of that you can add your own images and draw on them. 

There is a photo tool, that can be used by kids to draw and color them. There is undo and redo, and you can clear the whole screen with a long hold on the eraser tool. You can save and share any of your drawings, and even save it as a stamp. Get PaperThin for free and enjoy hours of sketching and drawing on your iPhone or iPad.

App Store Download Link: PaperThin


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