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Android Game of the Day – Ace of Shikendai

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Ace of Shikendai is a lovely arcade game that involves great story line, exceptionally good graphics and game play and overall it is a really nice game. It is an airplane shooting game that involves lots of action and interesting gameplay. The graphics is one of the most unique you will find in a game. The Ace of Shikendai is a cool character that can do many cool things!

The game has great dynamics and sounds as well. You will feel like you are in a really exciting battle against the enemy. As you progress you will face harsh opponents and you must show great strategy and reaction to pass through all of the threats that come to you. It is a great, thrilling, airplane shooting game that is free and available on Google Play. Get it if you want to have pure shooting gaming entertainment on your Android devices.

Google Play Download Link: Ace of Shidenkai


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