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Tool of the Day – Defcon Airsoft Chrono

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Our today’s tool of the day is the outstanding Android app – Defcon Airsoft Chrono. It is a fully functional, feature rich, easy to use and extremely useful Airsoft Chronograph that works on most Android phones or tablets. You can make use of it largely, because it is the best method of measuring an airsoft guns power in FPS (Feet Per Second). However, not only that it measures the gun power, it does that without physical chrono.

The app does that because it checkst the power of your airsoft gun trhough calculating the speed of BBs over a give distance. It display on the phone or tablet the exact speed and power and averages it in the last few shots.

The app works simply. It listens the sound of your Airsoft gun shooting. S, you need to careuly measure the distance of the target, so the reading be accurate. The developer’s say that that metallic targets work the best, so use metallic. If you own an Airsoft gun be sure to have this little gem on your phone or tablet.

Google Play Download Link: Defcon Airsoft Chrono


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