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Most Useful App of the Month - Traista

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

When it comes to you and your stuff, there is no telling how or when you might be separated, whether briefly or permanently. This week we discovered and reviewed an app, Traista, that will help you to find your lost items. We instantly liked the app when we installed it, and liked it even more when we found out that it displays great local deals and discounts around your location. That is when we knew it must be featured as our Most Useful App of the Month. 

Features and Benefits of Using Traista

Traista is location map based platform for lost and found items. The unique thing about the app is that, it also keep you updated about the value shopping hot deals near your location. The app is very easy to use; once you found some item or pet it’s easy to post create post for that thing. Simply you have to add the title, description and picture. The app will automatically trace your location.

The people who are looking for their lost property can easily find their belonging by searching the integrated map and if they got their lost belongings, they can easily contact the person, who has found them, within the app.

The app saves a lot of your money and time, which you spend to contact agents for finding your precious stuff, and also it tells you about the best-discounted deals.

With Traista now, never be worried about your lost item and also never miss a deal. Download today free for your android device and you will really find his app worth.

Google Play Download Link: Traista


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