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Tool of the Week - Pixel NetCut (ROOT)

Thursday, January 5, 2017

If you feel your wifi is slower than normal and that there are some glitches, you may be a victim of a WiFi theft. In such case you can use Pixel NetCut (ROOT), an app we reviewed few days ago. 

When fully rooted, this app not only enables you to quickly analyze every device connected, but it can also remove and deny any user. It is the perfect tool for wifi analysis and wifi management. For that reason, and because of its functionality, we are making Pixel NetCut (ROOT) our Tool of the Week!

How to make use of it?

- Download Pixel NetCut (ROOT)

- Connect the device to a Wi-Fi network.

- Tap on the "scan" button. It will start scanning the network and then display the devices connected to that network.

- Swipe left the button embedded in front of every connected device.

The app also gives you the detailed information about your modem device like the manufacturer, Mac address, IP address and much more. It also saves you from the using slow and useless network analysis websites or apps because it gives you the brief information about your internet.

You can also conduct a ping test for the devices connected to your Wi-Fi, to find either they are open to be accessed or not. Download this amazing app today for your Android device and wisely manage to use your internet bandwidth.

Google Play Download Link: Pixel NetCut (ROOT)


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