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Embark on your adventurous journey to explore reality based Treasure with Seek

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

There is no inherent value gained from playing Pokemon Go. You catch digital creatures and then you are done. Nevertheless, here in the review below we have brought you an app that is worth more than Pokémon Go and the best thing about this app is that is based on reality. We are talking about SEEK.

What is Seek?

Seek is new app from the health & fitness category that aims to let the people involved in some healthy activities and do something more productive, in addition, they can get rewards from their adventures. This app is going to get rid of the Pokemon; bring in treasure chests, and add rewards. You go out and capture treasure chests, when you open it up you have a randomized chance of winning something.

How it works?

Download the app, and now the adventure begins. Treasure chests have been placed throughout the world that you can capture with your camera, requiring you to venture to the physical location and capture them digitally. Unlike Pokemon Go, capturing treasure chests can have tangible value, a big screen television there, a Goalzero kit everywhere. Seek is also forming partnerships with multiple businesses that allows them to engage with consumers and draw more people to their location.

You do not have to sail the high seas to find treasure. With Seek’s launch, treasure is now everywhere, it is just a matter of downloading the app and setting out on an adventure. So what you are waiting for? Download it today free, it is compatible with both iOS and Android.

App Store Download Link: Seek - Rewards through Adventure

Google Play Download Link: Seek - Rewards through Adventure

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