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iOS Game of the Month – Rapid Recharge - $50 Challenge

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

This month for the iOS platform we have a game that is really nail-baiting, but ultra-challenging and fun at the same time. We are talking about Rapid Challenge, game we insanely played in our offices. The iOS game has a simple concept, you need to tap and hold on the screen to charge the battery. You need to release when you want or think, but it has to the level mentioned in the particular level.

The tricky part in the game is that there are 25 tough levels and they are really hard to beat. The interesting part on the other side is that if you pass through 25 level you will earn a cash prize. So, if you think you are the master of iOS gaming and these types of casual games, you can currently earn $50. Try your luck, bt we must warn you, the game is simple and easy to play, but really challenging at times!

At the end of the day, Rapid Recharge is indeed an amazing game. The fact that you can earn real cash prize consequently motivates you to do your best. Get the app for free on the App Store and tell us your score or maybe brag that you won the award. We’ll be playing as well!

App Store Download Link: Rapid Recharge


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