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Most Addictive Game of the Week - Sweet Cake Boss

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Sweet Cake boss, the match-3 game with amazing match 3 artwork and graphics was reviewed by our staff few days ago. Since it is still one of the most played games in our offices, we decided to appraise it again as one of the most addicting games we played this week. Sweet Cake Boss guarantees tons of fun and will keep your mind sharp at the same time!

What is Sweet Cake Boss?

Sweet Cake Boss is a match-3 type of puzzle game but instead of matching candies, here you match delicious treats. Donuts, Cakes, Cupcakes, you name it. The main and pause screens display expected control options - backing track and sound effect volumes. After a quick cute tutorial complete with word bubbles, a map displays showing your way up the levels.

Each level has a target score. Your job is to reach the target with the minimum number of moves. You can exhaust yourself with moves, but with star rating displays for each level, of course, you want to collect as many stars as you can at the end. To play, you simply match three like treats. You can match items horizontally or vertically. Of course, this makes things a bit more challenging.

Matching more than three treats dishes bigger payouts, so to speak. Of course, this can help you progress faster. Matching items clears them and forces others to drop down. You may inadvertently auto match other items throughout this process. No problem! You may reach your target score quicker than you thought you would.

Do not hesitate to download this exciting match-3 puzzler and have the best time killing mobile companion for your iOS and Android Devices. You can find the direct download links to this game at the end of this helping review

App Store Download Link: Sweet Cake Boss

Google Play Download Link: Sweet Cake Boss


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