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Most Entertaining Game of the Day - Space Jumper

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Today we will present a game we already reviewed on Intellectuapp. However, since it is still one of the most fun games we played in our offices in the last few weeks, and since it is a lot different than anything similar, we decided to feature it again as our most entertaining game of the day.

Why We Loved It?

Space Jumper is an action jump and shoot game with retro graphics. You play as the cute little character Hana who is on the mission to save her planet that is under attack by invaders along with their space vehicles. Now you are one who will guide her through her way to free the planet from these nasty invaders and restore the peace.

This game does not require any special controls or skills to play. You will find all the controls on the game screen, now thing that can lead you to the victory is your reflexes, attention and hand to mind coordination. Be precise while jumping and shooting.

Space Jumper allows you to play in classic old day’s retro space environment that will really attract you. Moreover, it has a feature to share you high scores with your friends across different social platforms and you can track your statistics easily. In addition, it also allows you to access the global leader boards to compete with players worldwide.

We guarantee great jump and shoot fun. Try it on your preferred platform.

App Store Download Link: Space Jumper

Google Play Download Link: Space Jumper

Website: http://www.stranger-games.com/portfolio/

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