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Social App of the Month - videmic offline video sharing

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Social apps where video sharing is included are numerous. However, social apps where offline video sharing is included are rare! That is why the Android app videmic offline video sharing caught our attention few months ago. Since then the app has been significantly improved and enhanced with features, so it was the perfect moment to pronounce this great video sharing app as our Social App of the Month.

How it works?
Videmic is an ad-hoc video app. With the videmic app you can record, watch, and share videos everywhere and instantly with your friends and other people in your proximity (i.e. perimeter of about 100 ft.) from smartphone to smartphone. Without cellular, without Wi-Fi, and without any server.

Key Features:

· No internet or broadband connection required it works with video offline viewing.

· Receive videos to your smartphone from music, TV/film, fashion, or sports events, in clubs, and other hotspots.

· Distribute you video clips just by matching hashtags

· You can share the teasers of your clips on Facebook and WhatsApp.

· It allows you to subscribe the accounts of your favorite stars so that you can receive videos from them even when you are offline.

· No video compression always receive HD quality video clips.

· Save your money that you spend on data consumption while transferring your clips.

Avail all these amazing features today on your Android just by installing this great tool free from the link present at the end.

Great new updates were included in the new versions of Videmic. Now users can add Video recommendations for download. Users can also subscribe to channels of your stars and download their videos for watching them with the Videmic offline video player. It still remains one of the best offline video players.

Google Play Download Link: videmic offline video sharing


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