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Android App of the Day – DailyTodos

Friday, May 19, 2017

Staying organized is one of the toughest things to do. Everything in your life requires at least some kind of organization and it’s also something you have to do and keep track of every day. It’s okay if you can’t keep track of it all because most of us can’t either. It’s almost certain that you’ll be more productive with a little organization. There are so many to-do apps out there nowadays that there’s surely one that’s right for you—and better than what you’re currently using.

What is DailyTodos?

If you don’t use a to-do app or you’re not completely satisfied with the one you’re using right now, here is our top pick that you should consider. We present to you DailyTodos, a new productivity tool launched on the Android platform by Ideal-Interactive. Easy-to-use, free, with intuitive design and user interface, this app can help you organize and manage your daily tasks with no effort at all.

Why We Like It?

When you’ve got a million things on your plate, the last thing you have time for is fussing with an app. You need it to be easy and fast to use while still offering you enough features to keep you organized. That’s why we love DailyTodos. It is one of those apps that you don’t need a manual to start using, yet offers a wonderful interactive design and tons of task management features. It has a neat calendar, you can easily add your to-do activities, sort them by priority, and so much more.

If you want to check out the app’s functionality and its full set of features, click the link below and get it today!

Google Play Download Link: DailyTodos

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