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iOS App of the Day – Currency Converter - Live Money Exchange Rates

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Traveling to various countries is a pain enough as it is with the different languages, customs and businesses – it’s even more of a problem if a businessperson is there to do business. Whether it be buying some trinkets or brokering a deal, the main problem with foreign transactions is the need for an accurate conversion into the local currency.

Money changers are available but a shrewd businessperson knows that often the best deals need a bit of verification. Plus, traders specializing in international trade may need an instant update wherever they may be. This is why it’s fortunate that there’s a host of currency conversion apps available on the iOS platform. Today we present to you our favorite - Currency Converter - Live Money Exchange Rates.

What is Currency Converter - Live Money Exchange Rates & Why We Like It?

Currency Converter - Live Money Exchange Rates is a powerful, light-weighted and elegantly designed currency converter tool available for all iOS users. Requiring iOS 7.0 or later and compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, this awesome app is perfect that wants to convert currencies within a few seconds quickly and easily.

We love Currency Converter - Live Money Exchange because it supports 160 currencies and offers live exchange rates right on your device. With it, you’re able to enjoy a friendly and intuitive user interface and to know the current currency rates at one place. Note that the developers will keep updating the exchange rates automatically each minute to keep you updated with the latest changes in all currencies.

Don’t hesitate; enjoy converting over 160 currencies for free right on your iPhone by downloading the live currency converter app from the App Store.


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