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App of the Day - Products to People Book app

Friday, June 16, 2017

It’s tough running a business. There are a ton of responsibilities. Not to mention all of the paperwork. It can get overwhelming. Thankfully, we live in the modern era which means you have more tools than ever before to help you succeed. Let’s take a look at this very useful app that we found for you.

Grow your business

So the app is called Products to People Book: The Mechanics of Marketing by Ryan Bilodeau, and was made for growing one’s small business from bakers, local mechanics to donut shop owners etc. With this app, the owners can learn how to leverage human psychology and the market for growing the number of their potential customers. It is crafted from a real business owner, for business owners all in order to assure growth.

Four realities of the costumers

The main focus in the book, Ryan Bilodeau puts on the four human qualities that attract customers more likely to buy the products. These are the four qualities (realities) that the author Bilodeau describes as a basic psychology for the mass consumers:

1.      People are inattentive (the product marketing must sustain the interest of the public)
2.      People are trendy (people like to buy products that are popular or part of movement)
3.      People are needy (people like to collect things)
4.      People are tribal (people like to be part of group or affiliated with organization)

No doubt, Products to People offers profound knowledge base for increasing your customer and profit rate, so it will be very wise to have this App book on your Android device. On the link down bellow download the Products to People app and take your business to the next level. We wish you great luck!

Google Play Download Link: Products to People 


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