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Trending App of the Week – 420 Cloud Social

Thursday, July 6, 2017

As the senseless prohibition of cannabis wanes, a booming industry has emerged across the whole world, complete with handy apps for our Androids and iPhones that help better our experiences with marijuana. We’ve already reviewed an amazing cannabis app called 420 Cloud Social, but due its uniqueness and usability, we’ve decided to share it with you again today, as a Trending App of the Week.

What is 420 Cloud Social?

420 Cloud Social is an online open-minded and friendly global community that intuitively connects like-minded individuals, like patients, doctors, growers, investors, dispensaries, businesses, entrepreneurs & recreational users!

The app allows you to find your best match by simple personality testing algorithm, which ensures you with the best picks possible. The app helps you get in touch with people that share your interests, to discover new job opportunities and keep track of the latest cannabis news and stories. This easy to use app gives you many interesting features like:

·         Hook up with people that share your interests
·         Discover new job opportunities & find your dream job
·         Message & connect with patients, doctors, growers, businesses, entrepreneurs, recreational users, etc.
·         Read the latest & hottest cannabis news & stories
·         Shop at our 420 Store
·         Win badges & prizes
·         Sign in with your Facebook or Google account
·         Receive smart notifications & alerts

Enjoy this informative and mingling magic on your Android or iOS devices for free free. The links for downloading are present below.

Google Play Download Link: 420 Cloud Social

App Store Download Link: 420 Cloud Social

Official Website: 420 Cloud Social

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