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Book of the Week - 10 Short Horror Stories 1 by Steven Havelock a book app that will shake you up

Friday, August 11, 2017

For centuries, the wisest of men – poets, priests, and scholars – have basked in the company of books to grasp the infinite knowledge of the world. Today much has changed, yet books continue to parade the streets of enlightenment inside the minds of every thought leader of this mobile generation. However, the Web 2.0 era, with its “Midas’ touch”, has pretty much digitized almost everything forms of physical media, making ebooks and audio books the gold standard in education, both formal and informal.

For fans of horror literature

If you are a fan of books and especially of horror stories don’t look further. We found a great app book that will be a perfect proposal from us to all of you fans of the dark side literature. The book that we talk about is called 10 Short Horror Stories 1 by Steven Havelock and includes 10 British ghost stories that will entertain you on the unusual way, through some fear. Are you already scared? 

Just for entertainment 

The book may freak you up, that’s why you should light the bedside lamp. Let put the jokes aside.We recommend to not getting too attached to the stories because is just a book made for entertainment not for obsessing with fear or something. 

Download for free

The book is available for free downloading on Google Play Store. We encourage you to get it and have some wild nights by reading epic creepy stories that you won’t forget them. If you like it 10 Short Horror Stories 1 by Steven Havelock, share it with your friends or find more editions of the same author on the internet. 

Google Play Download Link: 10 Short Horror Stories 1


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