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Finance App of the Week - Expense tracker TOP MONEY

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

If you're like most people, you check your smartphone at least 50 times a day – looking at everything from text messages and work emails to weather alerts and box scores. But as many have discovered, your smartphone can help you keep tabs on your finances. Managing money, sticking to a budget and even handling investment decisions are easier than ever before with today's crop of personal finance apps.

Last week we reviewed Expense Tracker TOP MONEY, and because we were largely impressed by its features and usefulness we decided to give it another appraisal by pronouncing it as App of the Week. 

Quite useful finance app

Today our topic is a powerful and quite useful financial app that will help you to transform your economic situation by assistance in managing your money’s flow on daily basis. The app that we pick for you is called Expense Tracker Top Money that offers amazingly great tools to handle your budget very well and be satisfied when the month comes to the end.

App’s features

By using this perfect financial managing app you will feel the differences instantly. The app offers the option to get more visibility and control over your expenses and incomes, to manage your multiple accounts, to use multiple currencies and super flexible statistics tools, to track the assigned type of expense/income, sync between devices, exporting in Excel format, add a photo to each expense etc.

Expense Tracker Top Money is available for downloading on App Store. Get it immediately and expect constant updates with new financial tools that will help you to master your finances.

App Store Download Link: Expense tracker TOP MONEY


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