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Entertainment App of the Week – GrahamMe

Friday, October 20, 2017

After the stress of applications and GRE testing, it’s disheartening to have to suddenly shift your focus towards figuring out how to finance your education. Fortunately, with a bit of help, you can make graduate school affordable by finding a scholarship. You don’t have to search for one, because we have an amazing giveaway scholarship app that can help you out! The app is called GrahamMe – let’s discuss it!

What is GrahamMe?

The app that we’re so excited to show you is called GrahamMe, now available for all eligible iOS users. This one of a kind app is designed to help people get rid of student loan debts and earn scholarships. You can play and have the opportunity to win one for you or for your loved ones once in every 15 days.

How does the app work?

GrahamMe works very simple. Basically, its whole concept is based on ratings and earning points and trophies. Each user gets the same amount of play time per hour to eliminate inequality. All you got to do is submit a Graham (a gift) and share it with other users. 5 random users will then view your Graham and be able to rate it and to create a phrase (thoughts) that best describes a scenario for your Graham. Read other user's thoughts once they arrive in your package of phrases and choose one that best fits. When the challenge is done, if the combined rating of both gif and phrase is a 9 or higher, they will go to the Top Challenge and Graham Lounge and have the chance to earn a scholarship. You can win one for you as well, by submitting phrases to other users’ gifts and earning points and tokens.

GrahamMe is the place where the scholarship challenge begins. Get it now from the App Store – it’s totally free!

App Store Download Link: GrahamMe

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