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Finance App of the Week – Adnoto Expense Manager

Monday, October 2, 2017

Spending is highly individual. Beyond the golden rule—spend less than you earn—it’s hard to be prescriptive because expenses are the result of so many individual decisions, many of which feel inconsequential as we make them. So, rather than instructing you “spend on this” or  “don’t spend on that,” today are presenting to an amazing app for tracking your outflows. The app’s called Adnoto Expense Manager – we chose it to be our Finance App of the Week! See why below.

What is Adnoto Expense Manager all about?

Developed on android and IOS platform, the app is quite easy for using, and suitable for anyone that needs finance tool for keeping track and managing personal or business finances directly on their smartphone. With this app users can manage their money, households, gadgets, or contracts easily without spending much time to control their money. On the app, users can keep tabs on how much they spend with the high-quality practical graphics for reading the data. Users can use it for free and without much effort spent on this smart money tracker.

Standout Features

On the app users are getting elegant and quality interface. The users only need to sign up with their Facebook or Google account for free or only create their account for free. The dashboard on the app is offering users a complete overview of the user's data. Users on the app can look at contracts even if they are expired and find all important information fast and easy. The app is completely safe, protecting the user with the latest security technologies. The app is offering a spend stress indicator for tracking and managing money, informing users of their expenses in the next 7 days.

The subscriptions and contracts of the user can be saved and users can check the expiration date, and also see how much they are spending each month, quarter and year. The device and Gadget manager on the app is allowing users to see how many devices they have and which subscriptions are attached to those devices. The smart reminder system is offering users to cancel subscriptions and contracts and getting reminders, of due payments the user has. Users can use the app anywhere and anytime they want, and also are allowed to manage other people's finances.

Download the app on Google Play and App Store now for free.

Official Website: Adnoto Expense Manager

Google Play Download Link: Adnoto Expense Manager

App Store Download Link: Adnoto Expense Manager

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