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Fly Your Rocket Up to Space – Rocket VS Blocks

Saturday, October 21, 2017

One of the most popular games that are played on smartphone devices are certainly the space games. If you are a fan of a space and like playing games with flying rockets that require your fast and precise skills to get high scores, we looked and we have for you a game that offers you all that while you are enjoying yourself playing it – Rocket VS Blocks. Let's see what this addictive space rocket game has to offer you.

What is Rocket VS Blocks all about?

The Rocket VS Blocks is a space game which is highly entertaining and addictive, a great choice for all players that enjoy space rocket games. Playing this fun space game, players are getting high-quality graphics with the coolest rocket for flying and amazing sharp visuals. Also, players are enjoying lovely space sound effects every time they play. On the game, players are using the smooth game controls while enjoying their own space adventure, feeling like real space rocket flyers.

Standout Features

Playing this addictive space rocket game, the players are enjoying one highly addictive and fun rocket gameplay. All the player needs to do on the game is easy, he needs to fly the rocket with swiping on the screen left or right and hitting all the blocks along the way. For every block that is hit by the player, he is getting one point. More blocks are hit, the higher scores the players are getting. When the game is played, players must watch out not to hit the blocks that are bigger than the rocket. Every block bigger than the rocket will destroy the rocket. The player must hit as more blocks as possible to win the highest scores. The game is offering the players to challenge their friends to compete and the player that will hit the most blocks will win the game.

Download the game on Google Play now for free.

Google Play Download Link: Rocket VS Blocks

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