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Parents App of the Month - Baby Sleep Sounds: White Noise

Thursday, October 12, 2017

In this age of technical advancement, you’d be hard pushed to find a parent that hasn’t got a ready list of apps on their phone for all kinds of parenting emergencies. But which apps are actually any good when it comes to settling baby to sleep? We’ve been doing a little research and have come up with one app called Baby Sleep Sounds: White Noise. So here it is, a great baby sleep app, full of soothing white noise sounds!

What is Baby Sleep Sounds: White Noise?

Baby Sleep Sounds is an effective and free iOS app for deep baby sleep. It is brought to us by the developer who created one of the best baby sleep apps “Instant Baby Sleep”, designed for both iPhone and iPad. The app’s full of carefully hand-picked white noise sounds that can help you easily relax and put your baby to sleep.

Standout Features

With this amazing tool your baby will go from awake and crying/screaming to sleeping calmly and relaxingly. You will be able to choose from various white noise relaxing sounds, such as washing machine, hairdryer, womb, vacuum cleaner, baby shusher, sshhh, car ride, ocean and tv static noise. Pick one and tap on your screen in order to make it start and it will play continuously.  Them, just watch your baby fall asleep slowly and relaxingly.

With high-quality and carefully selected sounds, easy navigation and friendly user interface, Baby Sleep Sounds: White Noise can be downloaded for free from the App Store’s link below. Get it now and enjoy!

App Store Download Link: Baby Sleep Sounds: White Noise

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