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Q-Bit Revolution – An Endless, Fast-Paced Arcade Hopper

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Endless runner games are usually very addictive and fun. The only goal in an endless runner is to earn the highest score you can. These games are incredibly popular due to their basic controls, simple gameplay, and their extreme replayability. That deadly combination makes for some amazingly fun games that are real easy to pick and play whenever you find a spare minute or two.

What is Q-Bit Revolution?

Whether you want to play a fun and new action arcade game or to waste some free time on your iDevice, we have the perfect game for you. Q-Bit Revolution is a fantastic and unique endless arcade hopper that will provide you with hours of hopping, flipping and blasting entertainment. Plus, it’s designed with amazing 3D graphics and awesome music from Abandon Building Records' own Set in Sand.

Why we recommend it?

Q-Bit Revolution offers simple, yet extremely challenging objectives. You, as a player, have to tap and swipe through numerous obstacles, dodge lasers, spikes, and moving blocks, win points and trophies in order to win as many levels as possible. The game features over 150 randomly loaded levels, each one of them created with in-game quests, cool power-ups (obstacles, dodge lasers, spikes, and moving blocks), and many more features. You can customize the color of your starter cube or unlock new rare cubes while playing through this endless hopper journey. Navigate different areas to collect trophies and medallions, make high scores, play to win the Crown Cube, and compete with other players within the game’s leaderboards.

Challenge yourself as you hop and flip past various obstacles, download Q-Bit Revolution for free from the App Store and enjoy endless fun!

App Store Download Link: Q-Bit Revolution

Official Website Link: Q-Bit Revolution

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