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Sleeping Garden: Birds and water is an app, designed with to provide you a relax state of mind

Thursday, October 19, 2017

The first rule of mindfulness might be to switch your smartphone off. From checking emails at bedtime to constant, needy push notifications from mobile games, our phones can often feel like they amplify our daily stress. Turning to your smartphone for respite from the digital clutter may feel as ridiculous as holding an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in a pub, with your inbox, social networks, and Candy Crush Saga just a couple of taps away. Still, mobile meditation apps are trying to help. There are hundreds available, although the pool of genuinely useful ones is much smaller. Here we have done the research work for you and picked out an app, Sleeping Garden: Birds and water.

What is Sleeping Garden: Birds and water?

Sleeping Garden: Birds and water is a sleeping sounds app for those who are looking for a handy solution to relax during a tiring day and have a peaceful good night sleep. If you have difficulty getting to sleep or feeling rested in the morning, then this is the app to try. Beyond sleeping, the app is great for any situation that requires calming sounds or music, like yoga, massage sessions, or just simple relaxation.

Key Features

· It features a panel of different nature sound that creates soothing effects on your ears and take you to the relaxed state of mind.

· It comes up with intuitive user interface.

· It offers an amazing app design that is adored by your eyes.

· Listen to multiple sounds at the same time and create your own nature track.

· It brings another useful option of “All Off” that helps you to turn off all the sounds with just one tap if you are using multiple sounds.

If you like to mediate with simple and lovely sounds, this one is a great pick. Install it free on both iOS and Android devices from the direct download links present below.

App Store Download Link: Sleeping Garden: Birds and water

Google Play Download Link: Sleeping Garden: Birds and water

Official Website Link: Sleeping Garden: Birds and water

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