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App Review - English Alphabet For Kids Learning Free

Thursday, November 9, 2017

There are some excellent educational apps out there, blending serious learning with well-crafted production values and a sense of fun. They can complement (not replace) reading books, physical play and conversation in expanding on what children are learning. Today we are introducing you to one app of this kind, English Alphabet for Kids Learning Free!

What does English Alphabet for Kids Learning Free offers?

This app is amazing at what it’s developed and designed to do, for you and your children. Its concept is to get your young ones to learn the English alphabet by tracing and recognizing the English letters. Matching the letters accordingly while looking at fun and wonderful HD pictures designed to keep their attention at a peak will help them memorize their definitions and help them learn faster. Learning the letters with phonics pairing is also an option with this app.
English Alphabet for Kids Learning Free give you the option to turn on the Teacher Mode that will include you as a parent in you kids learning progress by giving you report cards and to toggle tracing and phonics games to better facilitate the learning process.

Why is this application our choice?

English Alphabet For Kids Learning Free gives us unique and entertaining way to teach our kids the letters by utilizing learning and playing which is proven to be really effecting with young brains.
It is completely free, ridden of annoying apps and without those pesky in-app purchases that will drain anyone’s wallet.

A real brain-candy English Alphabet For Kids Learning Free will set the kids for success when the time for learning how to read comes.

So, why to not give it a try? Help your kids learn the English alphabet in fun and interactive manner, download this app today at Google Play Store for free!


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