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Utility App of the Week - SiFi

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Whether you want to find public or private Wi-Fi hosts in your area or to add WiFi host for free so your friends can access your Internet connection, we have got you covered. Our Utility App of the Week, SiFi, is a Wi-Fi sharing network tool that we simply couldn’t resist from sharing with you again. Read on the review and see what the app is all about and why we liked it so much!

What is SiFi all about?

SiFi is developed on the iOS platform, easy for using, and especially created to help all users to quickly find and easy way to keep track of their Wi-Fi network information with publishing their guest access to the network information as public or private. Using this utilities app is allowing users to set the network information by their own preference and create the access to their Wi-Fi for their guest to easily find and search for it or to request an access for the user’s private network. Highly safe and secure, the app is offering its users to get the control over their Wi-Fi information without much effort.

Standout Features

On SiFi as a helpful and efficient app, users can add their own Wi-Fi guest network easily with just adding a Hotspot host with using their GPS location and setting their network by preference for a private or public access, allowing their guest to find their host name easily. With the app’s help, users can quickly search for available hosts on the entire network with just using the app. On this app, users are also allowed to view the host information and get instant access by sending an email or directly from the app. Each user can choose a preferred network and get a quick access to the network from the dashboard view on the app. The app is offering users to choose from public or private SiFi listings. On the private network users need to request an access from the host by sending a private email and setting the terms outside the network. The public networks are offering a displayed password that is available for everyone.

Download the app on App Store now for free.

App Store Download Link: SiFi


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