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Android Game of the Day - Vectra Plane

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Space games in general and space shooters in particular are a feast for your eyes and fingers. In their predominant majority, space games look vibrant, colorful – a neon-induced spectacle. We have decided to look into pure space challenging games as well as the games that encompass shump elements with strategy, thus adding a great deal of micro-management and variety in terms of gameplay. Without much ado, here is one of our favorite space games for Android.

What is Vectra Plane?

We're talking about Vectra Plane, an awesome and insanely addictive arcade game that can push your reflection skills to the edge. It is designed with stunning HD graphics, amazing space environments and intuitive user interface. Besides, you can enjoy it either on your Android phone or tablet. Let's see what the gameplay is all about.

Vectra Plane's Gameplay

Your main goal in this cool space game is to fly your own plane and take it through the red gate. Be careful of the dangerous obstacles on your way, try to avoid hitting them and maintain your focus because they can stop you from going higher and make you lose the game. The obstacles come in different shapes, so all you have to do is tap on your screen and move the plane right or left. And remember, the higher you get, the higher your scores will be. Another awesome thing about Vectra Plane is that it can be played anywhere and anytime - it does not require Internet connection.

Created with unique soundtrack, beautiful space graphics, realistic plane simulator and brain-teasing gameplay, Vectra Plane is free for download on the Google Play Store. Get it today and enjoy endless arcade fun!

Google Play Download Link: Vectra Plane

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