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Social App of the Week – Kompass Events

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Want to share, discover and explore social events with an ease? Then you’ve came to the right place! Today, as our Social App of the Week, we’re presenting to you an amazing event sharing app called Kompass Events to help you guide to your next adventure, no matter where you are. Keep reading and you’ll find out why we love this app so much.

What is this app about?

This community based event sharing platform is created as an app and developed on android platform, especially for users that want to easily and quickly discover, share and explore different social events in their favorite places. Using this helpful and effortless app, allows users to view every event as the details about the events like reviews, ratings, pictures and more, getting a simple guide for their next adventure. With the help of this app, users can easily bring more traffic to their own events with sharing deals for their businesses. Very easy to use, the app allows users to find the greatest events nearby.

Why do we choose it?

The Kompass Events is especially created for businesses that want to promote themselves and communicate for their latest deals, for event promoters that need to spread the word of upcoming parties, concerts and festivals, for casual event goers and travelers that need to easily find the best places for visiting.  With the help of this app, users can discover and explore events and places easily, just with using the Kompass map. On the app, users can check in every time they attend an event. On the app, users can easily promote the event they’re hosting and use the app’s map to share their event or their sales, restaurant events, nightlife, arts or to just import their Facebook event on the app.

The app allows users to follow friends on the app. The app’s event feed is offering users to always be informed about the events they are hosting or attending. Because the app is partnered with Lyft and Uber, all users can use the app’s navigation area to find the easiest and safest way to reach the events they like. Users with the help of the app, can find the best events nearby and never again miss another great party.

Download this event finder app now on Google Play for free.

Google Play Download Link: Kompass Events


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