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Android Game of the Day - Guess What's Hidden

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Don’t know how to avoid boredom? We offer you a decision! Here we present to you one of the most exciting and funniest guessing game apps to make your pastime amusing and entertaining. The game is called Guess What’s Hidden, now available for your Android device for free. If you’re a fan of fun brain training games and puzzles for kids, teens and adults, then this game app is definitely the one for you! Let’s see why we love it so much and why we chose it to be our Android Game of the Day.

What is Guess What’s Hidden?

Guess What’s Hidden is an original puzzle game, created to be appropriate for all ages. This cool game is offered by AJcreations, a developer team who managed to deliver a game with amazing graphics, friendly user interface and addictive gameplay. It’s all about guessing here, so get your fingers and brains ready for unlimited fun on your Android device.

How to Play?

This game really stands out from the crowd, it differs from all other guessing games. It’s both challenging and mind-relaxing. With more than 300 levels with progressing difficulties, Guess What’s Hidden is easy to play. All you got to do is drag the light, guess the object and fill out the answer that’s required of you. And that’s it! You can play it on your own or have fun with friends and family, it’s up to you! Complete levels to unlock new ones, get helpful hints when you’re stuck with some object and replay a level with one tap. We assure you – the fun has no end with Guess What’s Hidden.

Click the Google Play Store Link below in order to download the game – it’s totally free of charge!

Google Play Download Link: Guess What’s Hidden

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