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Finance App of the Week – Coin Nexus

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

If you need a free platform where you can manage and monitor your crypto currency investments, make your own portfolio by only using your iOS or Android device, our Finance App of the Week will definitely help you out. Coin Nexus is an amazing crypto currency management app, everything you need in one single place.

What is Coin Nexus all about?

Coin Nexus is an efficient and very practical finance app, better said, all in one crypto currency management app which is offering all users to track their investments and holdings by entering them in the multiple portfolios offered. With the features offered by the app, users are able to easily and efficiently track and manage crypto currencies, adding wallets to the portfolios and view their finances anytime. With constant information and news about the global market and the world of crypto currencies, users will effortlessly track their holdings.

Standout Features

When it comes to the features and possibilities offered to the users by the app, this app has many incredible features to make the management of crypto currencies easier for users. Anytime the user needs and wants, he is able to enter and track his investments by setting them in the multiple portfolios offered and supported by the app. Adding wallets to the portfolios can be easily done with this app and users with this feature can view and manage their wallets as they want. Users are also able to add mining and staking rewards to their wallets and portfolios or to add transaction feeds to them if they want. Completely safe and private, this app is keeping the user’s data safe by allowing him to back-up and restore it on any device.

Supporting more than 200 crypto currencies and over 200 exchanges, users can inform themselves about the global market and view prices and information for over 2000 crypto currencies to manage their holdings better with getting constant crypto currency news.

Download it on Google Play and App Store now to get informed about crypto currencies!

Google Play Download Link: Coin Nexus

App Store Download Link: Coin Nexus

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