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Arcade Game of the Week – Bubquest

Monday, March 12, 2018

Arcade games are amongst our favorite games here in our office. Fortunately, we have discovered a new game to play and to share with you. Meet Bubquest, our Arcade Game of the Week. Although it was already presented here on our site, we thought it deserves another mention. See why below!

What is Bubquest?

Bubquest is one of the most addictive and fun bubble pop games we’ve ever played. It is a brain teasing arcade, with a challenging nature that requires the player’s focus and quick fingers. Get ready to smash bubbles and to enjoy cool gameplay with colorful graphics and real prizes. Learn how the game is play below.

How to Play?

The game rules are pretty simple: tap on your device’s screen to pop the bubbles as fast as you can before they reach the whirlpool. The more bubbles fall down in the whirlpool, the more your lifebar will lose life. So basically you have to control that lifebar by smashing as much bubbles as you can. The gameplay even offers multiple types of bubbles, all of them designed with different powers. Pop the super bubble and let it save your day, dodge the bomb to avoid reducing lifebar by 20%, escape from the nuclear bubble or it will be game over for you, or burst the heart to see your lifebar go up. Note that as you progress, the difficulties will increase and it will get more challenging.
Win higher scores, reach the leaderboards, enter the “Hall of Fame” and win awesome prizes for your achievements. Download the Bubquest game for free from the App Store or from Google Play and have fun.

Google Play Download Link: Bubquest

App Store Download Link: Bubquest


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