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App Review - Tattoo & Piercing Photo Studio

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Don’t you hate it when the photos you’ve clicked don’t seem right even after a dozen attempts? You may not like its brightness, contrast, orientation or, you may want to add something to make the photos look catchy. That’s when photo editing apps come to your rescue. They pack a lot of features and are on par with lightweight desktop editors. Most social media apps already include editors in their interface. But, if you want more vivid customization, we recommend you try Tattoo & Piercing Photo Studio.

What is Tattoo & Piercing Photo Studio?

Tattoo & Piercing Photo Studio is a cool photo editing tool that gives you the ability to edit your photos in a more unique and fun way. Whether you want to see how a tattoo looks on you or to try out some piercings and check out how you look, then this app is the right solution. Suitable for both Android phones and tablets, easy-to-use and completely free, this is one of the most authentic photo editors we’ve ever reviewed.

App Highlights

If you want to edit your images by adding awesome tattoo artwork or body/face piercings, Tattoo & Piercing Photo Studio is a great way to do it. Offering amazing free "body piercing", "face piercing", tragus earrings, tongue piercing, lips, nose, cheek and eyebrow piercing for men and women, belly button rings, the app will entertain you for hours. Simply take a picture via the app or choose one from your gallery and start editing. Add real piercing and tattoo objects, photo effects, patterns, and make yourself look cooler. After you’re done with the editing, easily save your creation on your device or share it with friends and family via social platforms.

Editing your photos has never been more fun! Make sure you give Tattoo & Piercing Photo Studio a try by downloading it for free from the following Google Play link.

Google Play Download Link: Tattoo & Piercing Photo Studio


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