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Dating App of the Week - Mylove

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Mydate was reviewed by our team last week. Since this great interesting dating app my solve many relationship problems and offer great excitement, we decided to pronounce it as our Dating App of the Week. Read more why!

What is Mydate all about?

Mydate is developed for android and IOS users as well, as one highly efficient and helpful social dating app that is offering users to meet each other in a relaxed environment. Easy to use and very practical, this app allows users to find and meet possible love interests and specifically look for people they share common interests with. The users can choose to create an account or to connect the app with their Facebook account and by using only their location the app will find for them all people looking to date in their surroundings. Users will be able to connect and meet possible dates nearby easily and quickly.

Standout Features

With this dating app users will be able to easily and quickly find interesting people to date, saving a lot of time searching for their perfect match. By using the features and the tools offered, the users will be able to search and meet people they share interests with. The app allows users to even post videos, photos and descriptions sharing them with the users to show them how they feel and what they like. 

The posts made by the user can be shared with all users or just with specific users privately by the preference of the user. Using the location of the user and with the available personal profile selection the app is helping the user to find possible love matches nearby and helping him choose the most suitable and compatible date on the app. Users will certainly save a lot of time using this app, instantly finding possible love interests in their surroundings, connecting and chatting with people that share similar interests with.  

Download it for free on Google Play and App Store to look for your possible love interest and find dates!

App Store Download Link: Mydate

Google Play Download Link: Mydate

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