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iOS Tool of the Week - Vector Logo Maker

Friday, April 13, 2018

Say goodbye to all graphic design apps you know and use and welcome to one of the most useful, practical, simple and professional logo maker tools on the iOS platform. Vector Logo Maker is an excellent vector design tool for beginner artists and the advanced graphic designers, thus we’re sharing it with you as an iOS Tool of the Week.

What is Vector Logo Maker?

We’ve tried multiple apps in this category and decided to present to you the one we found most useful. It’s called Vector Logo Maker, released on the iOS platform by Jonathan OFarrow. This graphic design tool is here to help you make professional graphics and logos, instantly and on the go. Rich with amazing features, designed with friendly user interface, and compatible with both iPhone and iPad, the app has everything you need to create awesome logos.

Create Professional Graphics & Logos

Whether you wish to make professional logos on the go or to design all kinds of graphics on your iDevice, Vector Logo Maker has got you covered. With this tool you will be able to choose from more than 1000 fonts, badges, icons and shapes, over 300 color palettes, to use a gradient tool, mutliple editing options, and so much more. It features a huge library of shapes, icons, and badge categories along with fonts, and many color palettes to design quality graphics for a unique professional vector logos, posters, flyers, app icons, and character designs. The app offers vector editing capabilities such as cutting, combining, intersecting, and excluding vector paths. You can easily add shadows, strokes, gradients, make grouping, nested grouping, flipping, manage layers, export SVG files and continue your work in Illustrator or any editing software with SVG support and undo/redo every change you make.

With these remarkable graphic design features and a lot more to come, Vector Logo Maker is available on the App Store for only $2.99. Download it today and awake your creativity like never before.

App Store Download Link: Vector Logo Maker

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