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Communication App of the Week - Blue tick, last seen hider

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Ever wanted to read messages without the other person knowing about it? Then you should definitely try out our Communication App of the Week. Blue tick, last seen hider is an awesome incognito chat reader tool that gets rid of the seen option, so you can always stay hidden! The app is designed with intuitive user interface and works on multiple platforms. Let’s look more into it.

What is this app about?

This is one very helpful and private incognito chat reader app that is offering its users to read chat messages from their chat apps directly on this app while staying hidden in advance, without the other person on the chat knowing they read the messages. The app is developed on android platform, simple, fast and private, offering users to use the app for chat apps like Viber, Telegram, Facebook messenger and WhatsApp. Completely secure and safe, users will be able to hide their seen or read status, staying invisible while they read messages and preparing their response.

Why do we love it?

Blue tick, last seen hider has to offer all its users very private, secure and safe features that will help them stay invisible and hidden while they read messages. Supporting chat apps such as WhatsApp to hide blue double check and no last seen, Telegram for hiding the blue tick, Facebook messenger and Viber for no message read. The app is allowing the users to save the list of messages and read it anytime and they can also use the app’s identifier for unread messages. The app also includes both single and group chats as well. On the app, users can use the feature for replying for WhatsApp and the features for list of images, audio, videos and voice notes for supporting apps like their Telegram and WhatsApp.

The app allows users to use it for wise grouping of chats and they can enable or enable chats for specific chat apps on their smartphone. The app offers material design and fluent IU and the user will have no need to use any hacks such as turning of their Internet connection to stay invisible and read all messages without the other person on that chat knowing they read the message. Stay invisible and show no read or seen status!

Download this app now on Google Play for free to read messages silently and privately in advance!

Google Play Download Link: Blue tick, last seen hider


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