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DealerClick DMS – A Powerful System for Auto Dealers

Sunday, May 13, 2018

With mobile technologies penetrating every aspect of our lives, it’s hardly surprising that auto dealers are also increasingly using them for everything from boosting sales to handling inventories and customer relations. In this busy age, with its increased focus on efficiency, apps are becoming a preferred way of communication for customers too. Providing them with that option is one way to make your dealership a more attractive one. Here is one useful suggestion from us!

What is DealerClick DMS?

Today we’re reviewing one of the best technology providers for auto, RV, motorcycle and marine dealerships nationwide, an incredibly practical and time-saving iOS app called DealerClick DMS. DealerClick DMS is a DMS platform that’s especially designed for independent auto dealers from all across the globe. Finally, users can manage their inventory, leads, and many other aspects of their companies all from the convenience of their iDevice.

DealerClick DMS Highlights

DealerClick DMS helps you sell your vehicles and make deals in less time for higher profits. It simply provides with the proper tools and services that each automotive dealer needs. The developers, Dealerclick LLC, managed to integrate tons of easy-to-use features in this mobile version of their software. For instance, you can easily manage your inventories, leads, lists, and reports, you can customize the app’s settings the way you want, and much more. Just create a free account and then add vehicles to your inventory, upload or remove photos, scan or decode VINs, enter details about what you’re selling (cost and pricing, true market value, vehicle details, overview, the vendor’s name, odometer, the age of the vehicle) and communicate with customers through the app itself.

List your vehicles and make quick deals via one single app – download DealerClick DMS for free from the App Store and enjoy!

App Store Download Link: DealerClick DMS


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