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Design App of the Month – monUnique

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Do you want to have a all-in-one tall to make unique photo designs? If you do, we highly recommend you check out our Design App of the Month – it’s called monUnique. With the monUnique app users can simply create multiple designs from a particular image using an original patented process. Let’s see what this cross-platform tool has to offer!

What is monUnique all about?

monUnique is developed for both Android and iOS users as one easy to use, efficient and interesting photo design app that allows users to create different designs from a specific photo using the patented process offered. With the help of this design tool that consists of 3 modules, users will be able to easily, just by clicking a photo to apply design filters and create multiple Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) that are based designs consisting of multiple design objects of varied shapes and textures on the app. Directly from the phone, users can create amazingly designed photos without much effort.

Standout features

Offering different features this app allows users to simply design their photographs only by clicking or selecting a specific photo from their gallery. Then the users will use the Edit Design module to select a design filter and to view all designs in the filter available. By using this module, users can edit the existing design or create a new one from scratch just by adding design objects from the filters that are available. Users with the app can also select a design filter and apply to it transformations like rotation, scaling, translation or flipping or they can change the design properties of the design object such as texture, color, stroke, fill, overlay, opacity or other properties. Also, with the app users can choose text objects from various fonts offered.

With choosing a photo from the gallery, users just by touching the texture of the shape and the photo design will change. Offering 3 modes, the app offers users to use gestures so they can zoom and pan their design, toggle the tile switch, touch the filter icon to display a list of filters and to select a specific filter, saving the photo in the gallery or sharing on social platforms. With the Edit Design tool on the app that supports 2 modes users are able to use normal and a wallpaper mode, choose from a list of fonts and filters and save, tile and change the design properties of the photo they are editing and designing.

Download it for free on App Store and Google Play to create different designs from specific photos!

Official Website: monUnique

App Store Download Link: monUnique

Google Play Download Link: monUnique


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