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Fitness App of the Week - A 30 Day Firm Butt Challenge

Sunday, May 27, 2018

We love workout apps, as you may have already noticed. This time, as our Fitness App of the Week, we chose an awesome app called A 30 Day Firm Butt Challenge. Developed by Rumble Enterprise, this iOS app will help you stay fit and healthy, and will guide you through an easy-to-follow training program that will give you a sexier butt. Let’s see what the app’s all about!

What is A 30 Day Firm Butt Challenge?

Tired of hiding that big booty? How many methods have you tried until now to get your butt in shape? Yet no success? Well, you should definitely try out our today’s recommendation – it’s called A 30 Day Firm Butt Challenge. This is a smart butt workout app for iOS users that want to tone their butts in only 30 days. No more going to the gym and no more buying stuff that you don’t need. Now you can exercise anywhere and anytime, and still get the but you want.

Get a Sexier Butt in 30 Days

A 30 Day Firm Butt Challenge is an app that’s rich in features. First of all, it’s easy to follow because it’s developed in a user-friendly way. Its smart workout and training program is perfect for beginners, intermediates and for more experienced and advanced fitness audience. Nevertheless, it can help you achieve thigh-gap goals, fat free glutes, it lifts your butt, increases fitness, achieves toned figure, you can tone and shape your body, or reduce extra-fats of the butt. How? By only exercising a few minutes each day, anywhere and anytime you want. The app features 6 level butt challenge program, video guided workouts and a delicious 30 day meal plan. This way you will be able to perform the exercises without doing any mistakes and get the results you want, effectively and easily. Moreover, A 30 Day Firm Butt Challenge offers a Premium Membership with more awesome features.

If you want to have this smart fitness app in your iOS device, click the App Store link below and get it right away for free.


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