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Food & Drink App of the Week – WineNights

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

For all wine lovers out there that read us, here comes an app designed just for your taste! Meet WineNights, an amazing wine-themed app now available on both iOS and Android platforms. We loved it so much that we proudly pronounce it as a Food & Drink App of the Week on our site. See why below!

What is WineNights?

If you’re looking for a way to make your wine nights a more fun and notable experience, we’ve got the right app for you. Welcome to WineNights, a cool cross-platform wine social app that’s catered for both experienced wine connoisseurs and novices in the wine world. Whether you’re a regular wine lover that wants to keep track of his favorite wines or to organize fun wine nights with friends, WineNights has got you covered.

App Best Features

If you’re a serious wine drinker or new to the wine world, you will make such a great use out of the WineNights app! User-friendly and simple, this app is full of features that will make your wine nights even more exciting.

Easily start wine nights events and invite whoever you like, set the criteria for your night - venue, date, time as well as the country, region and wine variety, rate, enjoy and discover new wines, make your own collection of Favorites and store them in the app itself, challenge your friends to a wine night to finally prove who the true sommelier is, earn status points to see how you rank against everyone, taste and judge wines through the app to find out who is king among your friends, and a lot more.

WineNights is an amazing app to have fun with wine and friends, so if you would like to try it, click one of the links below and download it right away – it’s free!

Google Play Download Link: WineNights

App Store Download Link: WineNights

Official Website Link:  WineNights


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