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Create Hilarious Memes from Videos & Photos – Meta Meme

Monday, June 25, 2018

With a great meme creator app, you can easily turn your ideas into viral memes. Just choose the right meme maker and explore all possibilities and your creativity. However, among so many apps for this purpose finding the right one can be quite difficult. Luckily for you, we decided to make the search easier for you and we found one amazing app for creating memes easily and even sharing them with others to enjoy them too. Let’s see what the app is all about. 

What is Meta Meme all about?

The Meta Maker is fun and easy to use entertainment app that is created as powerful photo and video memes maker that allows users to choose photos and videos they find online or in their phone’s library to create hilarious memes. Developed for IOS users and offering a lot’s of helpful tools, this app is offering users to make memes easily and share them with anyone they like to. With a clean and simple design, the app allows users to create and customize the memes by choice, using their creativity to create the funniest memes without any effort.

Standout features

This meme maker has to offer very helpful and efficient features and tools that allow users to create memes as they please. Users on the app can choose photos or videos they find online or in their library to create the memes. The memes can be created by using photos and videos found on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit or Giphy or in the gallery of the phone. Users can also use the app to search using keywords for GIFS and the app offers as well to trim videos for memes, choose the custom fonts and background colors by choice.  The memes exported using this app are all high-quality. The app allows users to even add captions, use their own watermark in minutes and choose the template they like from hundreds of popular templates.

The app allows users to browse through the app’s gallery of many meme images to choose the one for their meme, they can also edit the meme as they want, choose the font for their caption and their background color for the photo meme. The user can customize the watermark by choosing font color, adding image or text, resizing and rotating the watermark by preference. Enjoy the fun experience and create hilarious memes!

Download it on App Store now for free to create the funniest photo and video memes!

App Store Download Link: Meta Meme


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