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Casual Game of the Week - Giant Robot Adventures

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

If you’re looking for a new time-killer and adventure escape games  that will hook you up and addict you to the fullest, we’ve got the perfect recommendation. Today we’re sharing with you one of our favourite 2d platformer games on the Android platform - Giant Robot Adventures. This is a fun endless run adventure for all ages, so to find out more about it and why we love it so much, keep reading the review!

What is this game about?

This casual adventure game is developed on android platform, very addictive and fun and suitable for both adults and kids. The players will enjoy the HD and gorgeous graphics with the simple and user-friendly interface while they run and jump, all of that backed up with catchy and immersive music. The simple on-screen controls for moving and jumping are helping the player to easily control his cool robot character while he tries to run against the weirdest and ugliest creatures. Players will have fun while they try to run as far as possible to win the highest scores.

How to play?

Giant Robot Adventures and its amazing features will get each player addicted to this game very quickly. The players have only one simple task to do and that is to by using the on-screen control to run and move their robot, running against the weirdest and ugliest creatures, trying to escape them. The player needs to run and outrun the creatures and avoid also all obstacles in his ways that may finish his game if he is not careful. The ability to double jump and slide is also offered. On the way of the player, there will be many stars that need to be collected and as much of them, the player collects more scores for him. Each player that collects as many stars as possible and gets as far in the game as he can get the highest scores. With a game center, the player gets his chance to reach the leader-board and compete against others to see which one of them is the best player of this amazing adventure and running game.

Download this game on Google Play for free and try to outrun the creatures with your cool robot!

Google Play Download Link: Giant Robot Adventures


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